My gears for my ears:

I love music.

A typical human frequency hearing is between 20Hz to 20KHz (60Hz to 45KHz for dog) and about 120dB in dynamic range (the ratio of the loudest sound to the quietest sound).
In simple technical term, the frequency response should be flat from 20Hz to 20KHz and the frequency spectrum should be more than -120dB.

The most important gear is the speaker or headphones, then the pre-amp/amp.

For many years, I have owned many very good music systems...
Due to my background in semiconductor (solid-state) electronics, I knew that we can control noise (jitter) down to picosecond and frequency dynamic range down to more that -100dB, all my music gears were solid state transistors not tube !!!

Then about 20 years ago, I changed my mind (or my ears ?) and I now owned a combo mixture of tube gears and DACs for a better "more pleasant" sound.
CD music sampling rate is 44.1KHz with 16 bit (also probably for most of "youtube" music), my DAC is 192KHz with 24 bit.
my DAC for digital music (pre-amp stage before my tube amp)
very flat frequency response 20Hz-20KHz

very good spectrum range -120dB
very flat from 20Hz to 20Khz
-140dB harmonic distortion

my tube amp (didn’t have much time to enjoy it, too difficult to setup the system correctly but when it’s done, just sound so good – got many “wow” from friends)
my DAC tube headphone pre-amp for my desk.

If I listen to these same songs (by window media player/groove music), it sounds much better than the youtube video version.

So let’s relax and enjoy the music that I tend to listen at late nights, my personal favorites (no particular reason and there’re not much of rock-and-roll or heavy metal music at midnight !), it may or may not be the favorite type of your music, if you listening directly from cell phone or computer, it’s best to use a headphone for better sound :

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