An Dang, PhD

Dr. An Dang

Dr. An Dang finished his PhD in Biology field in 1970s, worked at Dept. of Internal Medicine, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). Currently, Dr. Dang is retired in Southern California.

During his retirement, Dr. Dang has been volunteering his time for several years as a California state-certified Ombudsman at the Council on Aging of Southern California ( for helping the seniors at many long term care (LTC) facilities in Orange County. I met Dr. Dang when I was volunteering at COASC.


Using Rembrant to paint in the details of Glioma Biology: Applications for Future Immunotherapy – 2013

Professor Roger Y. Tsien, Ph.D., whom I had very serious respects to his hard and perseverance works. I personally had followed his works for many years in the field of the Cellular Calcium Signaling or oscillation pathways, in which signals are received from outside cells such as hormones, cytokines… and then they are transmitted to the inner cells to modulate the intracellular Calcium to perform the cellular functions. I attended many meetings at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) or the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular (ASBMB) that attracted thousands of investigators to his plenary speeches. Although he was well respected by scientists and students, but he appeared at the meetings as a very simple and energetic young guest, very approachable. His focus and perseverance works on the fluorescent techniques from high school throughout his scientific career that led to the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. His sudden death at the early age in 2016, the world has lost a great scientist of the highest standard that I have ever known.

An Quoc Dang, Ph.D. Biochemistry 1979,
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198.

                   I happened to know Mr. Di Ton That when he joined the California state-license Ombudsman Program as a volunteer, Orange County, CA, and as an experienced volunteer I was chosen by the program director to serve as his mentor during the period of further field training at Senior Nursing Facilities (SNFs) of the post-graduation time. We worked together to visit SNFs such as the Alter Garden Healthcare Hospital in Garden Grove (GG),  the Convalescent Hospital and Guess House, also in GG , and the Mission Palms Healthcare Hospital in Westminster. Later on, he replaced me as the Ombudsman of this Altar GG facility, when I spent more time with the other three facilities.

                   After a while, we found that we have had common of interests in sciences, we often chat together during lunches at the conclusion of the monthly in-house meetings at the “Ombi” Office; or after the visits of the SNF facilities. We discussed several stories in various aspects, from the works he advised “satellite-internet startup” company with Wi-Fi technologies to the histories of VN situations, before or after the VN war. I discovered that Di had come to the US after the Petrus Ky High School graduation. Myself, I also came to the US in 1973, two years prior to the collapse of the South VN government. I am sorry to hear that he lost his father and some closed relatives during the communist Tet Offensive massacre in Hue in 1968. The VN war destroyed all the hopes and dreams of the VN people who fought hard for an independent and civilized country. My family also lost two young brothers because the war in 1972-1973, during the most fierce period of the war, so-called “summer-red-fire” when the VN war was spread to VN-Cambodia border. Those deaths have placed in my heart the unforgettable pains, and they also were the reason why we continued to talk and linked us together.

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